UPDATE – 23.03.2020

Dear BHES classes students
Hangouts have been set up for learning tasks. This is to be taken seriously, and here are three ground rules for using online learning, to keep us all safe and happy:
  1. Keep classroom chat to between 9:30 to 1:05pm
  2. Follow your timetable and be online for your lesson. Your teacher will invite you to join a hangout
  3. Communication can be via video, typing or voice, it is your choice
This is new for all of us, and it will take some time for all of us to used to the new way of working. We will ask you how it is going and if you have any ideas you can tell your teachers or the inclusion team between 9:30 and 1:05. As we do more of this we will get better at it and we will make sure that you feel confident and know of any changes.
Keep safe
Anne & Sian
on behalf of Jim