Key Stage 3 science: Students in years 7 -9 follow the AQA Science curriculum. Click here to download AQA science KS3 syllabus

Key stage 4 science: Students in years 10-11 follow the AQA science syllabus.  Students will follow the appropriate course for them. Please check with your child’s teacher before purchasing any resources.

Courses might be:

AQA Entry Level Science

AQA Combined Science

AQA Biology

AQA Chemistry

AQA Physics

General resources


Students might want to consider signing up to a free Cognito account to access practice questions and lessons.


BBC Bitesize

BBC bitesize

Revision guides

Please check with your science teacher which is the most suitable revision guide for you.

Year 7 -9

Key Stage 3 revision guide higher level

Key Stage 3 revision guide foundation level

Year 10 – 11 (GCSE)

AQA Combined Science higher level

AQA Combined Science foundation level

AQA Biology higher level

AQA Biology foundation level

AQA Chemistry higher level

AQA Chemistry foundation level

AQA Physics higher level

AQA Physics foundation level

Entry Level Science

There is no revision book available for this course