Student reviews

BHES reviews students very regularly. This is due several factors. Firstly, it is important to ensure that the many professionals who may be involved with each student are working as a cohesive team. Secondly, it maintains a clear direction for the student, enabling the flexibility that is required to help students to make social and emotional progress. Finally, it supports the family in feeling that their view can be heard and considered.

Reviews are led by a member of BHES staff who takes responsibility for the student throughout their time with BHES and coordinates the provision.

1 to 1 students are reviewed 6 times a year, once in every term. Classes students are usually reviewed 3 times a year unless there is a new plan needed.  Students with an EHCP have their annual review and then a minimum of 2 other reviews during the year.

Parents and students contribute their views on the progress the student is making. Health professionals and main stream schools are always invited to the reviews and will be asked for written contributions if they cannot attend. Other relevant professionals are invited as appropriate. All participants are sent minutes of the review with actions clearly stated within a week of the review being held.