All eligible pupils are taught from day one as often as possible. Teaching hours vary depending on the health care programme that is being offered to the student. Students are taught in small groups where appropriate however teaching also takes place on a 1:1 basis at times.

What we teach

We have a team of  specialist secondary teachers who cover core areas of the curriculum including English, Maths, Science.

Humanities, Art, IT and Music are also covered by this team access to other specialist staff employed by BHES enables us to cover many other areas of the secondary and post 16 curriculum.

With the students or parents permission we contact student’s home school prior to teaching so that we can cover the areas of the curriculum that are being missed during their time at The Riverside.

When this is not possible or appropriate our teaching is tailored to each individual students current medical, psychological and learning needs.

Students are able to take exams while admitted to Riverside.

Progress reports are sent to the students school once they have had at least 10 teaching sessions.


When a student is discharged we provide details of education provided and progress made by them during their stay.

Where necessary this will include an analysis of the specific needs which will need to be met when they return to school and strategies for school staff to use.

When appropriate, referrals to out of school provision services will be made for students who are unable to return to school due to specific health reasons.

Contact us

Tel: 0117 3521141