Falkland Road

At our Falkland Road base we teach students who are referred by community based health teams or hospitals on the students discharge.

Referrers are either health professionals who are providing health care programmes that are helping students return to school or health care professionals in hospital who make time limited referrals for students who due to their health condition and treatment delivered in hospital will not be able to return directly to school on discharge from hospital.

Students typical fall into one of the categories below:

  • Pupils with severe or chronic forms of illness or ill health which result in significant periods away from school.
  • Pupils with serious mental health difficulties which result in significant periods away from school.
  • Pupils who experience ill health as a result of specific incidents, such as road accidents, which result in significant periods away from school.
  • Pupils with a condition which requires periods of hospital treatment interspersed with periods at home or in school.

On referral we will meet with the health referrer, the student’s school and any other professionals to draw up the initial education plan that BHES will offer to the student. The plan will be reviewed regularly (in most cases every term) and adjusted as the students health situation alters.

At Falkland Road we run classes provision for KS3, KS4 students offering up to level 2 qualifications.

All students accessing our classes are encouraged to study:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Maths
  • Science
  • ICT
  • PSHE
  • Art
  • History (humanities at KS3)

The timetable that we offer is reviewed on a regular basis and adjusted according to the needs of the students that we are supporting at that time. Example class timetable

In addition to providing education via our classes provision where absolutely necessary we also provide 1:1 teaching in students homes, community settings or at Falkland Road.

The curriculum offered to all students is planned individually. It will be designed to ensure the student can successfully re-engage with school provision and limit the disruption to the student’s progress caused by their illness.

Although pupils are able sit GCSE exams whilst educated by our service our primary aim to re-integrate pupils into their mainstream school.  This is done with support from medical professionals and in consultation with the family and on-roll school and re-integration plans will be drawn up at the regular reviews that we hold with students, schools, health and other professionals who are working with students and their families.

Contact us:

BHES, Falkland Road, Bristol. BS6 5JT.

Tel: 0117 3772377.

E mail: bhesadmin@bristol-schools.uk

BHES Directions January 2020

Falkland Road site near the end of refurbishment