Art, Craft & Design

Ks3 Art and Design

Years 7 to 10

  • Hundertwasser Buildings Project
  • Pop art Project
  • Glitter Ball Project (3D project)
  • Colour theory Project
  • Natural Forms Project (Leaves, Animals, Shells,  Fish)
  • Portraits and Figures
  • Texture Project
  • Graffiti
  • cartoon and graphic art

Techniques: Printing, Painting, Drawing, 3D (clay, plaster, card etc), sewing and textiles, digital art

Art and design programme

KS4 Art, Craft and Design

GCSE: AQA Art Craft and Design

2-year course

  • Component 1: Portfolio: 60% of GCSE
  • Component 2: Externally set assignment (non-exam) 40% of GCSE (term 3 and 4 in year 11)

AQA GSCE Art and Design