Religious Education

KS3 Religious Studies

This is a three-year rolling course.

Students focus on the six major world religions: Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Students study the following topics:

Year One

  • Arguments for the existence of God:
  • How different religions respond to environmental issues and animal rights;
  • Key religious figures.

Year Two

  • Religious beliefs and practices
  • Religious festivals

Year Three

  • Rites of Passage;
  • Places of Worship.

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KS4 Religious Studies

Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies (Short Course)

This is a two-year linear course.

Students sit three exam papers at the end of Year 11.

Students study the following topics:

Year 10

  • Issues of relationships
  • Issues of life and death

Year 11

  • Christianity
  • Islam

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