Term 6 Covid update

7th June 2021   Dear parents Welcome back to term 6. Those of you who have been keeping track of local and national news will know that there continues to be a risk of Covid 19 transmission among school age young people who do not show signs of serious illness. We have so far had no recorded transmission of Covid 19 infection at Falkland Road. We will continue to follow our infection control measures that have been in place for the last year. Bristol City council Public Health have recommended that: Young people carry out lateral flow testing (LFT) on a regular basis (at least 2 times per week). We can supply LFT tests to any student wanting to use them. We can also provide instruction to students if they wish to take the first test at Falkland Road. They have also recommended that young people should self isolate and seek a PCR if:
  1. a LFT gives a positive indicator
  2. or they have any symptoms including milder illnesses such as headache, sore throat or cold symptoms.
They have asked us to remind parents that any close contacts of people waiting for PCR test results should self-isolate until test results are known. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Regards. Jim bowyer.