Letter to students leaving May 2020

Dear Students Your year group are sharing a somewhat unique experience in having your GCSE results being awarded wholly on the basis of your teachers judgements rather than a final exam. For me this highlights that the most important part of education is always about doing, not testing. Exam results will help you to get onto the next course or training program that you want to do, but once you are there the skills and knowledge that you have gained because you’ve taken part in lessons is the part that is going to be most useful. What BHES is all about is helping you to develop through taking part in the education that we offer to you. When students leave BHES we always ask them to give us some feedback. What worked well? and how could we have made it better? If you could follow this link to a feedback form and fill it in I would be very grateful. https://forms.gle/mZGg5JY4oyDKDq4F6 While we will not be in touch every day or every week after Friday (22 nd May) as soon as we have confirmation from the government about GCSE grades we will let you know how we will get your grades to you when they are released.. Finally, I want to wish you all the best for the future and to thank you for being an excellent cohort of students who have been a pleasure to teach. Yours faithfully. Jim Bowyer Head BHES & The Meriton